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At Listen4whispers, you may find a word, idea, or thought that will cause an awakening in your life. The wisdom found in my articles, poetry, and book series is long overdue and needed in today's world. Please help me spread the word of this site's presence from Portland, Maine around the world by sharing it with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Love is the answer, the guide and the director of those living a truly spiritual life.
Join me now and begin, continue or advance your journey.
Together we can begin a change and transform our world.

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Hello, and welcome to my website Perhaps you are wondering why I designed this site and what I expect you will find by reading, listening, and accepting truths about life’s journey. For those of you who know me, know that I am a man of integrity and you do not need an introduction to my work. However, many of you do not know me, and I’d like to speak directly to you so that you will understand the value found here at

In today’s world it is not the end of the world to lose your job or become seriously ill but, it can seem to be because of the disruption it makes in your life. Many of you may be recovering from a serious illness or accident, may be suffering from depression, chronic pain, and loss of identity. I care very much about all those things because all of them and more happened to me. One day I was a very successful surgeon and the next I was without a means to support myself or my family, was severely depressed, weak and felt alone. I had lost everything I spent my life perfecting and could no longer function normally. My attention span was entirely gone, and I could not stop my mind from ruminating all the reasons I was miserable. You see, I faced a severe neuromuscular disease that was causing me to lose motor control of multiple muscle groups. My depression caused me to have lapses in memory, and difficulty handling stressful situations.

If you’ve had a similar experience or other life changing events, please continue further into for I know your pain, felt your loss, and know how hard it is to begin again. Finding your pathway in life is what this site is all about. It gives you the spiritual aspects of healing and also provides you with information to overcome your loss and start your new life. There is no quick fix as many try to tell you. There is only determination, commitment, and the learning of skills and clues as to how to live your life. These are the things that cause life change and are the things I present in many different forms within

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The articles and poetry found on this site are a gift to those who seek answers and need some guidance on how to live a spiritual life and find peace, joy, and rest along what could be a very arduous journey. Locate the Spirit and God within yourself!

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In each installment of my book series, I guide readers through steps of spiritual awakening. Learn how to create change in your world, and the world of everyone you touch, in Souls of Light, Eban's World, and my newest book, Wisdom From The Soul.

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My philosophy includes listening to and obeying the Spirit's voice, which is that small voice that all of us hear but many choose to ignore. Using the lifeline exercise, you can track the various events and decisions that made you the person you are today.


About Listen4whispers

The purpose of Listen4whispers is to share with the world the wisdom I received from beyond the veil. The content that I present on this website is the result of teachings I received and sessions of meditation transcribed over four decades of my life. I also give workshops. I offer this content freely to the world as a way of allowing others to experience the life-changing wisdom that changed my life. Readers will sense my gratitude on each word, paragraph, and page of this site. If you are interested in attending one my spiritual workshops in Portland, Maine, please e-mail me for more information.

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