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About Dr. Ronald Bissell

My story is not one of discouragement or negativity. It is a story of one human being who underwent an ex-tremely painful and difficult phase in his life. The one constant between the beginning of my neuromuscular disease and today is a habit I began years before anything was noticed in my physical condition, Perhaps it was “designed” in my DNA or perhaps the string of events I call my life was random and I just became ill because it was my turn to undergo a change in my life. However, the practice of daily meditation and serious exploration of a world that is a “sticky veil” away from us gave me the strength and direction. It was in those years of meditation and reflection that I discovered a pathway to inner peace. It is that same pathway from which everyone can draw strength and determination.

I became a recipient of eternal wisdom and knowledge and it is that knowledge that has changed so many lives. I feel your pain and I want to be of help to you in seeing a brighter future for you as I found for myself. I can only speak from my path and how by living and following spiritual principles anyone, even you, can create a new life and in turn change the lives of others. My life changed as I studied and transcribed words during meditation which showed me the path to follow. Even today, 14 years later, I have guideposts I use to remember my path and my purpose in life. It is those moments that remind me and allow me to see the new life I pursue today.

The knowledge I am propelled to give to you in Listen4whispers is priceless and of extreme value to anyone willing to open their hearts to its words. It is so priceless that I do not and will not make money a prerequisite to you learning the lessons I discovered over the past 45 years. Because I feel so strongly about how im-portant it is for you, I decided to remove all barriers to teaching. is a free site. I do not use this venue to sell any of my works, workshops, books, or videos. They are yours for free. I do not wish to make money or any personal gain from the potential of you creating a life of love, of peace, and of joy. That is my reward.

For more than 40 years, I practiced maxillofacial surgery in a busy town in the southern part of Maine. I enjoyed my practice and serving thousands of patients, but there was still something missing under that enjoyment. I then became a seeker, exploring various ways to fill that emptiness and finding none within the profession I chose.

Questions About Life

Shortly after beginning my solo practice, my quest to find that missing piece became more intense. Outwardly, I appeared as a caring physician while internally, I struggled to try to understand what was missing in my life. I married an amazing woman, was the father of two sons who grew to be impressive young men, and a created a surgical practice whose aim was to serve other people with the gifts given to me. I received accolades from everyone I served and settled into what some would call an "ideal life."

Many of you reading this essay may wonder what was wrong with this picture. Some of you may even identify with the process and direction my life was leading. However, you might also be surprised at the direction my life has taken. The ideal life came to an abrupt halt in 2002 when I began to show symptoms of an unknown neurological disease. 

For several years before 2002, I noticed a slight tremor in my hands as well as increasing muscular pain in all muscles at different times during the day. From an external viewpoint, my surgery was impeccable, and my life appeared normal. However, in 2002, I found it necessary to stop my surgical practice before physical symptoms began to show in my work.

Have you ever wondered how your life would change if one day you were on top of the world and the next day you lost everything. On that fateful day, I found myself in a new place. I was no longer a surgeon but was a person who the night before walked out the front door of his office and closed the door behind him for the last time. My life at that point was over, or was it?

The next day, I entered a new world. I was no longer the person I was the day before but desperately needed to find the person I was today. For the first time, the emptiness I felt for years was now staring directly at me. Nothing I knew prepared me for that emptiness to open wide. It was then that I realized all the years of seeking, obtaining knowledge, and using that knowledge in my practice had given me a solid rock, which I could use to create a new life.

Enlightenment Without an Agenda

Finding knowledge, wisdom, and the application of that wisdom is not found in many websites. Even fewer will present some to you without strings attached in the form of payment for subscription or other goods. Listen4whispers is noncommercial and exists only for your enlightenment. It has no agenda or desire to persuade you to become a certain way.

Listen4whispers is not a religious site or one that wishes to indoctrinate you in any particular belief; it is one person who lived through a series of incredible experiences, which led him from a total loss to being able to rebuild his life. The entire site is my gift to you to see how, when, and what caused this change to occur. I hope that it will aid you in filling any emptiness you may have inside with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the wonder that changed my life and the lives of many others through workshops and seminars.

Your life is a gift given to you without any strings attached—it is yours to shape and grow. It is precious and delicate, and within it, lays all the wisdom you will ever need to create the life you desire. You will find this knowledge once you eliminate the barriers that hold you hostage. Once you remove these obstacles from around your heart, you will permit the wisdom I discovered from beyond the veil to lead you in the direction of your soul..

Sunlight Through Trees


Finding Your Sanctuary

The content of this site is for those willing to live a different kind of life. To accomplish this change, it will take work on your part to not only fill the empty places within you but also learn how to remove them from your life. I have encountered many experiences in my life that allowed me to explore deeper into my inner being where emptiness lived. It is those areas once cleared and filled with love that helped me become receptive to the words, thoughts, and teachings that I believe came to me from beyond the veil.

Two of my favorite places growing up are close to my home and offered me both peace and solace. I was surprised when I returned to them as an adult that these locations create an inner feeling of calm and relaxation to this day.

The first of these is simply walking through the woods in Maine, where I obtain a direct connection with nature and all the creatures within it. This connection is strong in our area where the state parks lay close to the ocean's edge, and the woods and forest stretch from the mountains to the sea. The second location is along one of the largest saltwater marshes in the east coast in Scarborough, Maine. It is along this marsh that I see my lifeline in real time as past, present, and future.

In the picture in the upper left, you will see shadows to the left and curvatures in the walkway while to the right all you see is sunshine and a lack of lumps and bumps. Most of us are witnesses to the lumps and bumps of life. There are few who understand that life does not necessarily contain lumps and bumps, but can be a smooth roadway home.