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An Enlightening Book Series by Dr. Ronald Bissell

In my soon-to-be-classic book series, I take you through four major steps in spiritual awakening. The steps found in my spiritual books include understanding spiritual transformation, transforming your world into a world of spiritual principles, seeing beyond the physical reality of our world, and learning the interconnectedness of all creation.

Within each book in my series, you will be guided by principles and values along with vivid imagery to give you a full knowledge of how you can affect others around you, thereby creating change in your world and in the world of everyone you touch. What better way to spend your life than to leave a legacy behind based on the principles and teachings you will find in these books.

Installments in the Series

Eban's World: The Colors of Change
Souls of Light
Wisdom From The Soul

Reflections: Mirrors of Light
Life's Essence
Souls of Light Book CoverEban's World Book CoverReflections Book CoverUnity Book CoverWisdom From the Soul Book Cover