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It is now your turn to make a commitment to your spiritual journey by subscribing to my monthly journal “Whispers”. By subscribing you will be sent  advanced notice of new materials, movies, books and other information to help you along your life path. I will not sell you name, rent your name or list it for others to see.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments box below. Letting me know your support sends me incredible packets of energy and gives me the energy to continue this website for the good of all. Also, please let your friends or neighbors who might be interested in my work to know of so they too can join and create a special network of love and understanding.

“Changing Lives Together”

I get many requests from readers and workshop participants to accept payment for the material, books, and articles I write. Part of my life journey is to “give back” to others material that was freely given to me by Spirit. This approach is consistent with my life’s journey and I would have it no other way on this site. If, however, you feel compelled to offer a donation or contribution in return for the materials presented I would request you make a donation or contribution to your favorite charity. Simply note that the payment is in return for the writings found at

 If you do not have a special charity, then, from my life long experience with The Salvation Army and all the incredible work they provide year round, I would suggest you give a donation to The Salvation Army. I feel The Salvation Army will better utilize every dollar donated and will be used the most efficiently where help is needed. Below you will find a Red Shield Appeal logo and Shield. If you click on this logo you will be taken to The Salvation Army Red Kettle Website where you can place your donation. All contributions made on this form will go directly to the Old Orchard Beach, Me area to help those in need in my community. Doing this one thing will encourage me to keep the site going. I do not receive any funds from The Salvation Army nor am I endorsed by the Army. I know the good works they give throughout the world. I also know you will change lives forever.

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Giving is The Greatest Part of Receiving

Giving to others is part of an energy exchange that is necessary for you to change your world. Even though I do not receive any of the monies contributed to charity, I will receive the knowledge that you have contributed to the needed strength for me to carry on my work. You will find that the more you give, the more you will get. It’s all a part of the grand design. We are all a part of the whole and by giving you get not only a personal sense of well-being but will give others the tools to change their lives. There is no greater gift that the life you are given.

Thank you,
Dr. Ronald Bissell

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