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Eban's Corner

I'd like to introduce you to my spirit guide, Eban. He has been my spirit guide and friend for more than 45 years. My relationship with him began at a moment in my life when I did not expect such a connection. I write his words as I receive them because they are invaluable for someone walking the spiritual path. In my association with him over the years, his words have proven true. Each time I challenge what I had been given, I find a very deep spirituality I cannot find elsewhere.

Eban's words express a deep understanding of what spirituality is all about and how to live a spiritual life. I have incorporated his words in my books and articles so anyone can read them and begin to understand a different way of life. I find by following his teachings, my life has changed enormously. My passion is to explore all avenues to let others learn the secrets and the pathways to follow in life. Download and read Eban's poem, There Comes a Time.