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Eban's World: The Colors of Change

Eban's World Book

My spiritual advisor, Eban, once said, "We think our world is a world gone wrong and that there is no chance for change. We fail to see that we can effect change in our world. We can begin change at home—in ourselves, alone. We can begin by changing our inner world and, through this action, begin to transform the world of others." This is just a glimpse of the wisdom that inspired the spiritual readings found on Listen4whispers, including my book Eban's World: The Colors of Change.

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How Change Can Affect the World

We hear all the time of gloom and doom in our world of complex ideas and philosophies. We see crisis after crisis and wonder, what can I do? Have you ever taken a few minutes and explored the potential you have to create change in your world? After all, all change begins with a single person.

Change is a difficult word to digest for many. However, change is needed in today's world. We need new ideas and thoughts but fail to implement known changes that would affect what we see. Pundit after pundit tells us all the sad, cruel stories but fails to give us answers or even a simple direction: what to do or where to go. It's like they relish in the chaos and are actively avoiding issues that need to be faced.

Eban's World is a book about change and how it can affect the world. It is a parable of change in which one person can join with other like minded individuals to create a difference that ripples through community. That change empowers those who believe they can make a difference in their world through spreading a refreshing philosophy and new way of thinking. Eban's World plants the seeds needed to encourage people to come together, in Portland, Maine, and around the world.

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Maine Scenery

Reviews of Eban's World

"The reader of Eban's World will be struck by the book's message. It is a familiar, personal, timely and will awaken the reader's mind-space to his or her Soul-Space." – Cheryl T.

"In a precarious, unsure world, Eban's World is a book of hope, encouragement, and most of all—love." – Lynn G.