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A Collection of Articles to Inspire

For more than 40 years, I have listened to the voice beyond the veil and was led in directions that I never felt were possible. Over this time, I created works from firsthand experience that change the lives of those who read them. I am humbled by the abilities given to me by the love beyond the veil. As I look to the future, I see limitless horizons that are both beautiful and inspiring.

I am compelled to share these inspirational articles on Listen4whispers because my life completely changed the moment I saw beyond the veil of the physical. I realized I could never again live my life from within the boundaries set up in the physical world, but I could only live within the limitless love beyond the veil. I am an ordinary person in Portland, Maine, who experienced some extraordinary moments and events, and I want you to understand you too can experience such wonder by reading my creative writing.

• 4 O'clock
• A Change of Seasons
• A Parent's Nightmare
• Courage
• Daydreams and Surprises
Magnolia (Finding Treasure)

• Does Your World Seem Upside Down?
• I Lost My Friend the Other Day
• Imagination
• It Only Takes One
• Journey Into Your Heart
• Listen to your Heart
• Raindrops
• Reconnecting with Spirit
• Search Your Heart
• Sunrise
• There is a Place Where You Can Always Go
• To My Granddaughter with Love
• Transitions
• What If
What is Your Definition of Change

Monthly Journal of Inspiration from Beyond the Veil

Whispers is a monthly Journal of Dr. Bissell’s latest thoughts and ideas on how to live a
Spiritual Life in today’s world, It is composed of short articles and/or videos of an inspirational
and educational value. The intent is to give you short, concise, and informative content from
which you can glean useful and practical suggestions on staying on the spiritual path. There is
no cost involved and freely given to you.

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Life Path Reminders

Short one or two sentence clues, ideas, exercises, and hints on staying the course and by doing that begin to change your life, your world, and your thought patterns toward the Spirit from which all peace is found. These are also at no charge but freely given.