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Participate in the Lifeline Exercise

Have you ever created a lifeline of your life? I encourage everyone that attends my workshops in Portland, Maine, to chart their important life moments on paper, and I am extending this invitation to all Listen4whispers visitors. By doing this exercise, I discovered how living a life based upon spiritual values and principles caused me to withstand all that happened to me when my professional career ended one day.

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Plotting the Course of Your Life

I encourage you to do this simple exercise because it shows you how you can make changes and how using spiritual principles can change your life. Everyone that I watched complete this exercise underwent a transformation—a light bulb turns on within their minds the moment they draw with their own hands each event (positive or negative) which led them to the next important event.

When strung together, these events show you that wherever you find yourself at this moment is the result of each of those prior events. If any one of those events did not happen, you can see the connection and understand why you would not be the person you are today.

Take the time to create your lifeline and see how your present life is the result of all those individual events. You will awaken to the wisdom of knowing how you can alter your future to create the life of your dreams. You will also see how your life could have changed in prior years if you understood the spiritual values and principles learned through reading and absorbing what I offer you in this site.