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Dr. Bissell's Latest Book - Wisdom from the Soul

Wisdom From The Soul

I began my journey quite innocently. For many years, I was searching for a path that would lead me to a higher understanding of my life and my life's purpose. I looked in all the standard places, underwent years of study and, after searching many avenues, finally discovered that meditation is the means to understand this path.

Don't misunderstand my words. Meditation is not an instant fix, nor is it an easy road to follow. It requires concentrated effort, discipline, and causes you to travel a different path through life than you would have otherwise followed. Many feel if they casually meditate and intern attempt to reach their core, all that is required is time and minimal effort for profound results to occur. The contrary is true.

When you start along the path of inner growth, you must spend time learning, searching, and becoming one with your new path. As for meditation, you may be required to spend many hours, months, and even years discovering its hidden keys to life. It requires commitment to a grand scale. Learn more about my experiences with meditation in my newest book, Wisdom From The Soul.
I invite readers throughout Portland, Maine, and around the world to read this book.

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Discovering the Song of the Spirit

Once I decided to commit to spirituality, my life changed greatly. My path became a lot rockier and less smooth; it became torturous with many twists and turns. Because of these events, I experienced many anguishing and painful moments in my life. I questioned everything I previously believed and started searching for direction and a source of understanding. What I found was a series of questions that led to more questions. I discovered a path the created new questions at every turn and required moments of contemplation in order to understand and to begin my journey. It was necessary for me to see and understand my present course in life before I could begin to understand what direction I was to travel.

It is in this search that life becomes important and that inner peace becomes a beacon by which you direct your life. It is in the search that meaning replaces questions: where love becomes a way of life, and the discovery of new horizons become the excitement in the crucible from which life flows.

My journey began with a simple decision to grow. This decision created enormous ramifications in my life. It was a decision I did not fully comprehend, nor did I understand how it would affect the remainder of my life. It was a decision that created chaos and pain; however, because of this chaos and pain, I was allowed to see my true life's direction and to understand the order of its events.

I was schooled in the healing arts and spent the majority of my life working with others to understand the physical reasons for illness. I worked hard to establish a surgical practice based upon the Spirit and the Spirit's intentions in my life. It was the listening and following of these intentions that changed my life forever. It was through the insights that I received during my many moments of quiet searching that allowed me to hear the Spirit's voice so clearly.

In the beginning of my journey, I took time to search the eternal for glimpses of the truth of life's meaning. I began to search, and in the searching, found the center from which I could live my life. I explored various avenues and, found in each a new direction, a new meaning. I uncovered a shred of the truth that only the Spirit could provide. By following this direction carefully, I began to hear a new song—a song of eternity that rang true to my innermost self.

This song is the song of the Spirit that lie close to our conscious minds. It is present to provide the path to the Light and the path to the future that awaits us all. It is present to allow belief in things unseen to give strength when strength is needed in our lives. Hearing this music allows us to have a direction in which to travel, a direction in which to live our lives to provide encouragement to others and peace to ourselves.

Within this music is found a message: a message that, if listened to, will provide instructions and deliverance from the pain that life sometimes gives. This message provides the means to create a new tomorrow and from which life begins to have great meaning. It is the quest to hear this message that charges us with energy and desire.