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Souls of Light: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Transformation

Souls of Light Book

In today's world, we rush around in a daze that is hard to explain. "Where did the week go?" is a very common statement I hear just about every weekend. It's universal. The faster time seems to move, the less time we have to contemplate who we are or where we are going. Like the other spiritual readings found on Listen4whispers, Souls of Light speaks directly to your soul. Contact me in Portland, Maine, with any questions about this publication.

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The Origins of the Guide

Souls of Light came to me during a very busy time in my life. Fortunately, I worked the previous eight to 10 years developing a focus on meditative practices. Besides voraciously reading books on every spiritual subject, I found what worked for me through trial and error. I developed a practice of meditation that was a melding of all the types of meditation I studied—it was my own experiment.

Each night after work, I would spend one hour reading or listening to spiritual messages. I spent the first 30 minutes in quiet contemplation, reading short passages in one book or another, and then sitting quietly allowing my mind to become still. The second half hour was spent in quiet meditation. I continued this practice day after day for about seven years.

Then, after all those years of preparation, I started to see words. These words passed through my subconscious to my conscious mind. Unfortunately, once I awakened from my meditation, I could not remember a single word. I knew the messages were beautiful, however, each message I was given became lost in the vapor of time and consciousness. I was frustrated and needed to find a way of recalling those beautiful words.

The time that all this occurred to me was the time when personal computers began to decrease in size. My first computer was called a portable computer, but it was not very portable. However, it did allow me to do one thing, which proved to be one of the most important things in my life. It allowed me to transcribe the words I was seeing so that I could then afterwards print them out and read them.

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Souls of Light is one of many writings in which I captured all those words. At the time, I did not intend to create a book, let alone over five books on spiritual living. After a year of collecting messages during meditative sessions, I received my first confusing series of words. They were both loving and kind but very persuasive in the way they were presented. They went something like this: "It is time for us to begin, to begin our journey together. You are to take the words given to you and create a series of books."

I was surprised at first, but then after a few moments, I accepted the fact of this turn in my journey because I was directed many times to do things that seemed unnatural to me but were completely safe in the end. With years of experiencing accepting direction from beyond, I accepted this calling, despite an inner fear of something new.

As I look back, the entire experience became routine. Each evening prior to my meditative sessions, I would see several words pass through my consciousness. The words were only two or three and, at first, did not have significance. Those few words eventually became my clue as to what the topic would be of each session. Their significance became known once I began my meditative session. Each night, I was given words that completed the topic. Each topic led seamlessly to the next, and I saw a personal textbook on spirituality emerge from the accumulation of pages.

Night after night, page after page, this process continued until there came a point when I realized this book was not just for me but for any seeker looking for more details about how to live a spiritual life. You see, in my reading of many books, I found simplicity as to how they were written. They all were written to explain the overview of living the spiritual life but very few talked about how to live a spiritual life. Few gave questions that made one think about the meaning found in each question, chapter, or verse.

Souls of Light is a personal guide to spiritual transformation. It is personal to everyone who reads its contents because the material contained within this single volume has the potential of opening the mind and awakening a person, changing them for the rest of their life. Spirituality is more than just a path; it is a way of life, a way to live not just for you but also for others, and a system of values that are to be lived each day of our lives.