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The Poems of Dr. Ronald Bissell

There are times when I listen to the whispers of my soul and become entranced with the beauty that it contains. I feel otherworldly and somehow become a part of the eternal. Writing poetry is the action that brings me the closest to that feeling. Check Listen4whispers often to find new inspirational poems that I have written from my location in Portland, Maine.

Become Inspired by Poetic Works

Allow your mind to quiet and your heart to speak. Begin to soften those harsher edges of your being so that others can see and feel the changes within your world. Allow that quiet to penetrate your entire being so that the energy of the universe can become the energy of your way. You see, within you is a universe of untold beauty and incredible power.

Spiritual poetry can be a door that opens and allows you to peak into the world beyond today and see deeper than the human eye can perceive. Take in the words within the poems I've selected and begin to know and become the presence you so desire. The key lies in your commitment to love and your determination of find that place of solace within.

Casco Bay

Featured Poetry

Tears Will Pass

A Friend's Passage

Evening Prayer Believe