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Where Do You Hear the Spirit's Voice?

How do we hear the voice of the spirit? How is its message relayed? Can we as humans understand its contents? The answer to these questions lies within each of us. It lies within that small voice that all of us hear but many choose to ignore. It lies faintly beneath the consciousness that life is and is present to allow growth to occur. What is required is that we take the time necessary to allow this voice to be heard. All that it takes to hear this voice is quiet: quiet to allow the whisper of love to be heard within our being.

When I sit and listen to my inner voice, I discover so much truth. Begin to understand the meaning of thoughts that enter my mind and use them to conduct my life's work. I study the events that I encounter as a means to understand my life. In doing this, I create a work environment that instills love into every moment and every deed. This love changes our universe and creates our new world.

Is this love meant only for the special souls that become prominent in our society? Can anyone attain this goal? The truth I discovered was as profound as any philosopher's has been; it is rich and awe inspiring as the spirit's breath upon the wind. What I found was that everyone could hear their innermost thoughts and understand the importance of these thoughts in their lives. All it takes is listening and quiet so that you can obtain the thoughts and permit your life to become enhanced.

Have you ever thought of the world you could create if you only took the time to listen and understand these thoughts? Do you imagine your world changing from day to day as you live out your life's journey? Begin to use these musings and bring them to the conscious mind in order to construct your world. Begin to allow them to foster a new way of thought a new way of being. Allow them enhance your personal journey as well as the journey of all you touch.

After many years of study and practice, I approached the location within my being that allowed me to see peace in a different light. I began to seek this place and began to understand its impact on my life. As I entered the space, I felt my world change. I felt it become new and sensed the absence of pain from my life. I witnessed a change in the direction of my life and realized how my every thought created the reality I saw. I sensed that from this reality I would be able to change my world.

How do you change a world that seems out of control? How do you begin a new life based on the teachings you can hear? I worried over this until I realized intuitively that what I was hearing was the universal mind creating within me a new world. This world was ruled by me and contained a joy that I could only begin to understand. This world created a desire to obtain all the knowledge I could master and gave me a drive to change the essence of my world.

Have you encountered the need to change your world? Have you ever thought of the reasons for life? It is by seeking answers to these questions that I began to explore every avenue presented to me and see my world shift daily. I also began to allow others to hear what I was thinking. Allowing others to understand what I was experiencing provided the means to accelerate change and growth.

It is by interacting with others that you are able to see the effects of your own life before your eyes. It is by allowing them to be a part of your world that you create harmony. It is by becoming your inner self that you permit joy to become a part of your life.

How do you access this inner self? This and other questions are the subject of our journey. Take a moment to center your mind. Take a moment to allow the inner soul to manifest itself in your life. Take a moment to begin your journey into a world of total peace and wisdom. Listen to your inner voice speak and hear the spirits song. Listen to it speak and find within it your life's needs and desires.

Take a moment to center your mind. Allow your heart to open and hear the wisdom that only spirit can provide. By touching the fabric of the spirit's world, you will begin to hear your life's music in a different key, you will begin to assign value to things that otherwise would remain forgotten, and you will approach life differently. You will see your life with new attitudes and beliefs.