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Meditations of the Soul

The "7 Soul Space Meditations" are composed of spiritual poetry set to original music. These meditations have given many people the ideas and energy needed to overcome blockages and acceptance of spiritual principles. They are designed to be listened to multiple times to get the most benefit. DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY. You may become sleepy or fall asleep during the meditations.
Do no worry if this happens, your subconscious mind is always listening.

These meditations are not designed for the treatment of any medical disease. You should consult your physician for any medical complaints or conditions.

7 Soul Space Meditations

Meditation 1

Meditation 2

Meditation 3

Meditation 4

Meditation 5

Meditation 6

Meditation 7

Original "Sacred Meditations" by Sheila StHilaire

"My awakening began in 2001 when during my morning meditation a Light Language came through into my consciousness from Ascended Teachers. Over time they introduced me to crystal singing bowls and guided me in the way to play them. They taught me to incorporate them into the Light Language bringing forth a high vibrational harmonic sound frequency.

 Each meditation I create is always different; there is no plan or written instructions. I release my conscious mind and allow those that I channel guide me in both language and playing of the bowls. Doing this creates a peaceful and calming sound frequency which allows the listener to raise their soul vibration. These vibrational waves bring them to the center of their heart causing them to remember who they are as a soul being.

 Over the years I have traveled on Sacred Journeys to Southern France, Peru and walked the Path of ST. James (The Camino) in Spain. The Camino opened me to a deeper connection to my Ancient Ancestors. It was this opening that attuned me to sound frequencies that cause me to become a pure and clear channel of peace and love for all of humanity.

 The vibrational sounds produced during a crystal bowl meditation create a peaceful and a calming state within the listener. Each participant during meditation closes their eyes while only relying on what they hear. After a short while, they begin to feel a state of relaxation from the sounds of the bowls and my voice. These sounds not only sooth the senses of the body but also have an effect on the deeper tissues. It is the combination of my voice, the sound of the bowls, and the depth of penetration of the two together, that allows the participant to fall into a state of complete peace where healing begins."

Sheila StHilaire

"The Awakening" by Sheila StHilaire

"Transition" by Sheila StHilaire