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"We think our world is a world gone wrong and that there is no change for change. We fail to see that we can effect change in our world, We can being at home -- in ourselves -- alone, We can begin  by changing our inner world and through this action begin to transform the world of others.
From "The Soul Space" by Eban

I've been privileged to facilitate workshops for the past 10 years and am placing my latest on this site so that others besides people in my area can have access to my work. The workshops you see here are the latest I've facilitated. Each leads to the next, however, they can be watched in any combination. The "Soul Space" is an introduction to meditation and my own life's journey with an accent on spiritual practice. "Living a Spiritual Life" gives you the essential qualities in living a spiritual life and also gives you ways in which you can feed your soul for further growth.

Happiness is..." explores the overall goal of adding happiness to your life but also gives you 5 ways in which you can increase happiness. The "7 Soul Space Meditations" are composed of spiritual poetry set to original music. These meditations have given many people the ideas and energy needed to overcome blockages and acceptance of spiritual principles. All these workshops are given freely for you enjoyment and enlightenment. Please listen to them often. If you do you will find more information each time you hear their content. I give them for your spiritual growth and enlightenment and for the amplification of the Spirit's words contained.

We are all beacons of love to the world. That love expands into the world around us causing others to notice our inner light. We are therefore
Luminaries and together we can change the very fabric of our world.

All text written here comes from the wisdom given by Dr. Bissell during meditation. Very little of this wisdom has changed from the original text.

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